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I Care & Act is nominated for a BRAVO SUSTAINABILITY AWARD!


We are delighted to be nominated in this year's BRAVO SUSTAINABILITY AWARDS with I Care & Act, the educational program implemented by DESMOS in collaboration with the Lambrakis Foundation, by creating tomorrow's active citizens, today!

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The 2nd Coordinators Training has been completed!

Η 2η Επιμόρφωση των Συντονιστών του προγράμματος του προγράμματος ολοκληρώθηκε!

The "I Care and Act" program continues with numerous activities in our schools and so does the program's support with in-person and long-dinstance training for our collaborators! All of the program's coordinators met for the Coordinators' 2nd Training in Athens. During the training, we were able to discuss the problems and difficulties, as well as the best practices and opportunities to expand the program to all the schools across Greece.

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The A.G.Leventis Foundation on board "I Care & Act"!

Και το Ίδρυμα Α. Γ. Λεβέντη συνοδοιπόρος του Νοιάζομαι και Δρω!

We are honored to wecome the A.G.Leventis Foundation as one of the generous supporters for our program“I Care & Act”the educational program implemented by DESMOSIn partnership with the Lambrakis Foundationcurrently implemented in 150 schools across Greece with the participation of all grades. The program aims to cultivate volunteerism, solidarity and active citizenship in the younger generations with the vision to create a society of active citizens who will make decisions in their lives based on the well-being of society as a whole, instead of personal gain!

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I Care and Act: School projects at the beginning of the new year!

Νοιάζομαι και Δρω: Δράσεις Σχολείων με την έναρξη της νέας χρονιάς!

Tree planting, art exhibitions, children's visits to elderly homes, book donations, food and essential supply drives; these are only a few of the activities that started before the Christmas holidays and continue with the new year, as part of the experiential educational program "I Care and Act"!

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“Desmos Gives Warmth” 2016-2017 Completed Refuelings

"Ο Δεσμός Προσφέρει  Ζεστασιά" 2016-2017 Ολοκληρωμένοι Ανεφοδιασμοί

Refuelings at social welfare organizations and Elderly Care Units have started again for this winter. The weather is getting really cold lately and the needs of Desmos' network organizations are extremely high.

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“Desmos Gives Warmth" - Cooperation of Desmos & TIMA Charitable Foundation

"Ο Δεσμός Προσφέρει Ζεστασιά" - Συνεργασία Δεσμού & ΤΙΜΑ Κοινωφελούς Ιδρύματος

For the second consecutive year, TIMA Charitable Foundation, supports "Desmos Gives Warmth" program! After last year's extremely successful cooperation, thanks to the donation of TIMA giving "warmth" to 30 Elderly Care Units throughout Greece, and providing help to 1,798 people in need, this winter we cooperate again having TIMA Charitable Foundation on our side for the 5th consecutive year of "Desmos Gives Warmth" program implemented by Desmos. […]

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“Desmos Gives Warmth” for the 5th consecutive year!

"Ο Δεσμός Προσφέρει Ζεστασιά" για 5η συνεχή χρονιά!

Desmos wishes you a Happy New Year! For us here at Desmos it is actually a very happy year since we are proud to announce the beginning of "Desmos Gives Warmth" for 2016-2017! Since 2012, Desmos’ campaign to provide heating fuel to organizations and schools, has been able to distribute 415,000 litres of petrol and 9,9 tons of pellet giving warmth to 13,825 in need to 236 social welfare providers. The total amount donated for this specific program during these 4 years is €374,524.62.

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"I Care and Act" – The projects have begun!

Νοιάζομαι και Δρω - Οι Δράσεις των σχολείων ξεκίνησαν!

The second implementation phase of the "I Care and Act" program has began and students across Greece participated in their own volunteer activities. Take a glimpse to what is going on in schools in all 13 districts of Greece!

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"I Care and Act" at the Media!

Το Νοιάζομαι και Δρω στα ΜΜΕ!

Commencement of I Care & Act (Niazome ke Dro) was accompanied by a widespread electronic media, radio and television coverage! Thank you all for being interested in the program and for the coverage! Please see below indicative television appearances,

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"I Care and Act" Video!

Το βίντεο του "Νοιάζομαι και Δρω"!

The goals of the second phase of the "Noiazomai kai dro" educational program, that is, being implemented for a second consequtive year by Desmos in collaboration with the Lambrakis Foundation, were announced in an official press conference.

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Press Conference for the presentation of the educational program "I Care and Act"

Νοιάζομαι και Δρω - Συνέντευξη Τύπου - 29/11/2016

The goals of the second phase of the "Noiazomai kai dro" educational program, that is, being implemented for a second consequtive year by Desmos in collaboration with the Lambrakis Foundation, were announced in an official press conference.

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#WINTER_IS_HERE | Give warmth to those in need, simply by sending an SMS!

#WINTER_IS_HERE | Προσφέρω 1€ μέσω SMS και ζεσταίνω όσους έχουν ανάγκη!

Many of us hope that the new year will bring them luck... some just wish the new year will be warm enough. These Holidays, you can make their wish come true!

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"I Care and Act" - 1st Mentors' and Teachers' Training!

Νοιάζομαι και Δρω - Α' Βιωματική Επιμόρφωση των Συντονιστών και Εκπαιδευτικών του Προγράμματος

After announcing commencement of Niazome ke Dro for the 2016-2017 academic year, we were proud to welcome in Athens 350 teachers and coordinators of the program for a 4-day interactive experiential seminar.

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"I Care and Act" - The second year of implementation begins!

"Νοιάζομαι & Δρω" - Η δεύτερη φάση ξεκινά!

With pride and excitement, we are pleased to announce the official start of the second round of "Care and Act" After the program’s very successful pilot season during the 2015-2016 school year, when hundreds events of active social contribution took place through the participation of 66 Greek schools, 321 teachers, and 5.498 students, the journey continues!

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"Desmos for Youth" - Press Conference Presentations - Desmos

"Δεσμός για τους Νέους" - Παρουσιάσεις Συνέντευξης Τύπου - Δεσμός

Find below the detailed presentation of the "Desmos for Youth" program, held by Desmos, starting from the first contact with Thom Feeney on the summer of 2015 up to the completion of the first six months of the implementation of the program. You may find the english version of the presentation here. The presentation took place at the Press Conference we organized to present the "Desmos for Youth" program and the impact of the first six months of its' implementation. [...]

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