Renovation of Rehabilitation Centre in Thessaloniki

Thanks to the extremely generous donation of an individual who wishes to remain anonymous, we have managed to offer to the Rehabilitation Centre of Thessaloniki, a structure of the Welfare Centre of Macedonia Region, furniture for the bedrooms of the institution. At the same time we have provided sofas and a dinning table along with chairs and we have placed tiles in the bedrooms, beautifying our little friends' home!

This renovation could not have happened without the donation of this family and we, at Desmos, can only be grateful for similar initiatives. Especially since the same donor went on with another donation supporting the "Desmos for Youth" ,contributing even further to Desmos' mission!

Cheerful messages keep on coming since the renovation was completed. Kids are extremely happy with their new home and this makes us proud and gives us strength to continue helping those in need!

In order to express their gratitude, the representatives of the Welfare Centre of Macedonia Region will organize a small celebration by the end of March and Desmos will be there! Stay tuned!!


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