CSR programs

Based on the fundamental idea of the involvement of private initiative in social and humanitarian actions, Desmos is proposing collaborations and programs that guarantee qualitative reciprocation of your support.

  • Drives – Organise the collection of specific goods, clothes etc. in the company's space.
  • Commitments – Targeted sponsorship program in cooperation with one or more public welfare institutions under the supervision of Desmos, which serves special interests of the sponsor.
  • Employee engagement – Update, sensitization and mobilization of employees of the company toward volunteering and social solidarity. According to the company's sponsorship or targeted as an independent action, Desmos offers the possibility of informative workshops and social activities that strengthen ties among employees, encourage initiative, and sharpen the leadership skills of officials.

Global surveys claim that consumers prefer products and services from companies that are social and humanitarian sensitive. Research shows that companies with active and consistent corporate social responsibility programmes are:

  • 55% stronger morale among employees
  • 43% greater diligence
  • 43% better public image of the company
  • strengthening of the employee loyalty to the company at about 38%, compared to companies that have weak social presence *

* Research of the Society for Human Resources Management in a Forbes Leadership Forum article "The Top 10 Trends for CSR in 2012" (www.forbes.com, 23.11.2012)

The International Life has sensitized on CSR through an integrated CSR program with a key message "return of life", which started in early 2012 and has already managed to show an important social work. A mainstay of the program is the active support of the non-profit organzation «Desmos». The support of International Life relates to financial support of Desmos, to jointly organise specific initiatives, voluntary participation of employees and providing operational support and space on the ground floor of the company's Headquarters who used as headquarters for the operation of Desmos.

The Fresh Line, in the context of social responsibility of the company, systematically supports child welfare agencies through Desmos. So far, Fresh Line, has made in-kind donations in the Aggalia Foundation (diapers & baby milks), the Christian girl's Home "St Anna" (shoes) and in the Home for Girls "Filothei of Athens" (heating oil), as well as the coverage of the motion for the petrol car Merimna used for doctors visiting patients' homes, suffering from fatal diseases and for transporting patients to and from hospitals where undergoing treatment.

Siemens company has made a substantial offer, of 60 computers and with the help of Desmos, they were offered in 7 schools, 1 library, 1 kindergarten and 13 entities-social welfare organizations, with 2,952 people overall beneficiaries. Also during voluntary action, with the participation of employees of the company, Siemens managed to prepare the site for the camp of the "Ark of the world" to welcome children that are hosted there for their summer vacation.

The Super Market Sklavenitis offers monthly gift certificates worth of € 400 for the purchase and distribution of products and essential items to institutions and organisations through Desmos. Thanks to this program, Desmos has allocated items in 11 organizations so far.

Taxibeat provides free deliveries and shipments to and from the headquarters of Desmos making thus our work significantly easier.

The company Papastratos ABEES donated € 70,000 for the purchase and supply of heating oil via Desmos in public kindergartens and elementary schools in remote areas of Northern Greece that face particularly heavy winters. The Papastratos donations combined with private donations created the program "Desmos for schools" thanks to which 47 schools were resupplied covering the needs of 2,409 students in the prefectures of Drama, Kavala, Xanthi, Rhodopi, Serres, Pella and Pieria.

For the winter 2014 – 2015 the program "Desmos offers warmth!" started with main sponsor the ELAIS-UNILEVER which contributed € 50,000 to the campaign in the fall of 2014.

Desmos with the Attica Zoo Park, known to all of us for the unique experience offered to visitors, to experience in close wild animals from five continents of the world, opens its doors and offers free services to foundations, homes or shelters belonging to the network of Desmos.

We Create Harmony, a new online store, approaching holistically commercial activity, which highlights new and up-and-coming international designers, donates to Desmos 5-10% for every online purchase made through the website for the implementation of programmes in collaboration with Desmos.

For any further information regarding Desmos, email us at info@desmos.org – or call us at +30 216 8090 840 for our offices in Athens or at thessaloniki@desmos.org – +30 2310 527620 for our offices in Thessaloniki.


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