We would like to thank you in advance for the goods you offer through Desmos!

Your offer is valuable and we will make sure to give it to the ones that are actually in need!
The goods that you offer:

- Are gathered at the warehouse of Desmos
- Recorded in detail as to the type and quantity
- Arranged by category
- Sorted and packaged according to the identified needs of the organization of the Network of Desmos
– and are transported to their destination with a detailed delivery note.

Desmos and the organizations within its network don't have the necessary resources to repair the offered goods, so we would like to ask you please that the goods you offer, are in good condition and suitable for use.

In detail Desmos accepts:

  • Food: they must be non perishable, not to require refridgeration and within the expiration date.
  • Medicine & medical products: must be sealed and within the expiration date limits.
  • Sheets / Towels: must be washed and not stained
  • Electrical supplies: must be intact and fully functional.
  • Houseware: must be clean , fully functional, no parts missing and not be broken.
  • Personal Hygiene Items: must be in full and closed packaging and within the expiration date limits (if there are any).
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Books: must not have any pages missing, not be torn or stained. In the schooll manuals, practice sections must be blank.
  • Paper supplies
  • Toys: must be clean, fully functional with no parts missing and classified as suitable for children. In case a toy is comprised of many parts, they must be all gathered in one discreet package (f.e. all the parts of playmobile toys in one bag).
  • Clothing: must be clean, in good condition.
  • Sports equipment: must be in good condition and if they have several parts they must be gathered.
  • Furniture: must be disassembled (if requested and there is that possibility).

With these ways you can make our work easier and help in order to forward yout offers faster and more efficient!

Thank you for offering with respect and love through Desmos!

For any further information regarding Desmos, email us at – or call us at +30 216 8090 840 for our offices in Athens or at – +30 2310 527620 for our offices in Thessaloniki.


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